Some of our Customers

I want exams to be a positive experience, an opportunity to learn rather than merely graded. iGiveTest enables me to provide automated feedback on the student's responses, even during the test, making the experience more interactive and beneficial.

I am amazed by's support group... truly world class. These guys work at Internet-speed, adding new features and responding to issues with same-day turnaround, even custom scripts! I've never had such responsive service from other web product vendors or even contractors. They're ANIMALS... you can't go wrong with them.

Chris Russell

After researching and searching some more I'm convinced there isn't another product that comes close to providing all the features this product offers unless you want to spend thousands of dollars. Customer service and support is outstanding, they even did the install!!

We needed an online education / testing and evaluation solution and this product does it all. We also use this product as part of our new employee orientation program.

Capt Mark Eliot
New Braunfels Fire Department's IGiveTest software is one of a kind. Several months of research was performed by our organization in search of an exam software to be implimented throughout our organization. IGiveTest was the answer. We have had the software in place for approximately 3 months now, just within the past month have went live with it for testing purpose throughout the entire organization.'s technical support is by far prompt and excellent. Since implementation, there have been 3 updates of which have greatly improved various features throughout the software.

I recommend this solution to anyone and everyone that has a need for exam software in their organization. If something needs to be fixed or you have a recommendation, is very willing to listen and very willing to implement your recommendation in their next update.

Good software; friendly willing and able tech support; excellent all around. Good job on an excellent peice of testing software. IGiveTest is great!

Chris F. Denney
Southern Platte Fire Protection District

Some time ago we developed a new learning system at our school, which we call "micro-modular learning." It involves dividing the subject-matter into as many single elements as possible. As learning progresses, it enables us to identify more precisely which modules or learning elements should be further discussed.

Looking for an online test software suitable for our new concept took a long time, but in the end we found iGiveTest. With the questions from a question data bank one can put together new tests over and over again. This enables us to recognize learning deficits exactly and to deal with them specifically. The graded reports give students and parents an idea of the current level of achievement.

The potential of iGiveTest is amazing. The unusually committed support is particularly commendable and has deserved a special mention.

Stefan Eberhard
Privatschule Eberhard - Trier

When searching for a professional test environment i encountered IGiveTest. It gave me almost all the options i needed. After buying IGiveTest the development team of worked hard to change IGiveTest and made the other options possible.

A very professional and personal helpdesk gave me all the support i needed. When i had to choose again i should choose for IGiveTest again.

M. van de Wiel

Thank you for your continued excellent customer service!

This software has been a great success already, and your dedication to our school as a customer is better than I've experienced from any other vendor.

iGiveTest has been very easy to set up, and is intuitive for test takers and administrators alike!

Timothy Russell
Trinity University

Igivetest is a really user friendly, easy to use testing software. Good program, great product w/ excellent technical support!!!

Julie Tam
Scinexa, LLC

I Give Test is top notch, I can't say enough for the quality of it's design. The tech support was also very helpful, they got right back to me!

David Joslin, Director of Interactive
Simpson Healthcare Executives

After doing many hours of research pursuing a solution for my testing needs, gave me a customized system, based on their iGiveTest software that was turn-key. They installed the system on my website, along with a number of custom scripts that customized the functionality for my needs. Finding has put me months ahead of schedule on developing my online curriculum and testing system. The install and custom scripts were quickly and professtionlly installed, and any questions I had were answered well within 24 hours. I highly recommend it (iGiveTest) and them(

Scott Bonner

Active-Sites Web Hosting and Development required a robust testing solution for our client in order to provide its clients with an online proficiency testing resource for cardiology practice administrators. Tests are given to employees which deliver a Continuing Education Units (CEU) certificate in the form of a downloadable PDF upon successful completion of a test. iGive Test is a wonderful open source application with solid out of the box features, attractive and easy to use interface, and well structured source code which allows our developers to add additional functionality as needed in order to mold the application around the business model.

Joseph Wahle, President
Active-Sites Web Hosting

We are very pleased with It's a well-designed off-the shelf delivery platform with superb technical support. The tech support team helped to customize the platform to meet our particular needs.

We highly recommend the software - it delivers a no-frills platform and easy to use interface at a very affordable price.

Zeke Vanderhoek
Manhattan GMAT

Not only is igivetest a fantastically functional and modifiable online testing application, but the customer service makes every effort to guarantee your success using the program. I highly recommend this product and the customer support that comes with it!

Travis Thomas, CEO
Synergy Group, Inc.

I can't speak highly enough about IGiveTest and Our organization needed a quiz program for an affordable price and IGiveTest was everything we were looking for. We have given more then 400 exams to date and saved or organization lots of money by not having to set up remote testing sites.'s support is excellent and they were able to make custom changes to accommodate our testing needs. I recommend and IGiveTest without reservation. Thank you for your help making our EMT's recertification a much easier and enjoyable experience.

Jon Swift

The company and i’s associates have assisted with numerous software installs for my company and our clients here in the United States of America.

My company along with the associates of built several custom updates for multiple installations of their software suite for online testing.

They did an outstanding job and continue to make my company look good.

Jamie Summers-Brown
Bricks Without Straw

I am writing to recommend the good operation of the service of, their program has been a very useful tool for our educational work and we have had all the support that has been required.

We are very happy with their product, and we plan to keep working with them.

María del Carmen Liévanos Álvarez, Coordinadora General Académica
Instituto de Ciencias, A.C.

Working with support has been a breeze. They were able to take my ideas and build them into a very useful update for our use of iGiveTest. Correspondence was quick and concise while still being thorough. I am very please with the new update and would recommend anybody to contact directly if they are looking to update or add functionality to one of their products. Thank you again

Jake McLean-Black
The Realty Institute

Your work is perfect and all points were resolved in an easy update to install and the results were all the company was looking.

Thanks for your help and assistance.

Juan Luis Núñez, Director de Diseño
Mundo Editorial S.A. de C.V.